March 9, 2012

5E Friday

-With the news that 4E product is hitting the discount shelves I can't see new 4E product (and there a couple of them still coming out) being picked up by retailers as widely as in the past (some will forgo new 4E product for fear of it being dead weight on the shelves). Looking at the WotC product schedule, it appears to be fairly weak. A few book titles (mostly as ebooks), a board game and a system neutral rpg product. If we assume there will be little to no new 4E products (other than the couple already in the pipeline) what will they be selling? I have to wonder how the company will sustain itself while it gears up for 5E.

And the main reason I am bringing this is up is that this brings up the question, will WotC rush 5E to the printers before it is done and properly tested? They are still throwing out fundamental questions (Vancian spell system or not? How will fighters work? Save or Die or not?) so I have to assume the game is not close to being complete. With proper play-testing it could be over a year (a lot of people are predicting an August 2013 release) before 5E starts generating WotC money. How do they justify this lack of sales in the D&D line to Hasbro?

All I can hope is that 5E is properly play-tested before release and is not rushed out the door in an attempt to generate money.
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