March 20, 2012

Bugbear Racial Paragon Path

One of the projects I was working on for 4E was a series of Racial Paragon Paths for monster races. The first one I finished was the Bugbear.

Adherent of Hruggek

“Anyone can be a brute, those with skill strike to kill in one blow.”

Prerequisite: Bugbear

The bugbear is the elite fighter of the goblin races. They serve as the brute force, tough bodyguards and sometimes as leaders of the lesser goblins. However, there are some that strive to reach a perfection in combat. Hruggek was one of their mightiest heroes. It is said he once killed three enemies at once, decapitating them with one swing. Ever since then the Bugbear have sought to emulate his martial prowess. Some take it to another level and work to hone their skills, focusing on the art of decapitation.

The techniques of the Adherents require their opponent being at their knees before the fatal swing. The obvious result is that the opponent is in a vulnerable position, but also it plays into the bugbear’s need to show their dominance. For some, this is more important than the actual kill. Many of their attacks are geared to putting their enemies on the ground and at their feet.

Adherent of Hruggek Path Features

Bully Action (11th level): When you spend an action point your next attack that hits before the end of your next turn knocks the target prone.
Eye to Death (11th level): Your Predatory Eye now does d8 instead of d6.
Double Fall (16th level): When an attacker causes you to fall prone, the attacker falls prone also.

Adherent of Hruggek Powers

Here is a link to the Word file.

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