July 20, 2012

5E Friday

-The analysis of 5E is shifting again. Before the playtest material was released people were all doing analysis about what-might-happen. They were nitpicking WotC comments (Legends & Lore, Rule-of-Three, WotC blog posts) trying to understand what 5E was going to be. And because such comments are disconnected from any actual system they get misconstrued and over-analyzed. People fear that WotC will "destroy" that which they love, D&D, and thus if they see anything that even hints at such a "destructive blow" they panic and lash back, trying to stop this "destruction".

When the playtest materials were released, analysis changed to the actual system. How did the system feel? How did Advantage work? How fast was combat? All sorts of questions were asked and answered...all based on system material. However, because the material was incomplete it still led to some analysis of what-might-happen.

And now we are back to full-time analysis of what-might-happen. There has thus far been no new system material. The analysis of the initial playtest material has run its course. People have said all they have wanted to up to this point. In fact, because the palytest material was incomplete some people are reluctant to say anything. We are back to "I can not comment on 5E because it is not complete."
And WotC is saying "Wait and see. We have made changes. It will all make more sense when you see more of the system." But until then people have nothing to discuss except what-might-happen. We are back to WotC comments and the uncertainty that brings with it. And with that we have more fear of what-might-happen.
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