July 31, 2012

Dwarven City of the Black Mountains - Level 1

This is a 5 Level dungeon and former dwarven city. It has over 155 rooms. I'm not sure how long ago it was written but it is for 1E. My dungeon design has come along way since those early days, but the overall design still makes for a good layout of a dwarven city...even if the actual encounters don't work. I think the original design was that a dragon had taken over the city and allowed various denizens to inhabit it as well. I'll be posting the entire dungeon over the course of the week.

Level 1
1) Gate Guard's Room. Each chest contains 1-10 pp.
2) Gate Keeper's Room. Against the east wall there is a turn cable which lowers the gate at #2A; the gears are rusted solid but if the rope which runs from the turning handle and disappears into the ceiling is cut the gate drops.
2A) If the gate is dropped, which can only occur by actions from the characters (See #2), add a -25% to all bend bars and -50% to all lift gate percentages.
3) Entrance Hall. there is a fountain in the middle of the room but it no longer works.
4) Secretaries Antechamber. Nothing of value can be found.
5) Toilet.
6) Bathhouse. Stone benches line the wall and in the middle of the room is the nonfunctioning bath.
7) Guest Rooms. Nothing of value to be found.
8) Secret Meeting Room.
9) Dining Room. There is a table on its side against the south wall. Contains 3 Dragonne- 43, 56, 64. 2000 ep, 1 jewelry, Potion (extra-healing), Potion (super-heroism(F)), Potion (polymorph self), Potion (poison), Scroll (protection from elements), Scroll (3rd-protection from normal missiles), Scroll (5th-passwall).
10) Throne & Reception Room. Contains 4 Ettin- 40, 39, 56, 70, 3000cp, 1 gem, 6000 gp.
11) King's Room. Contains 12 Ogres- 17x6, 20x6. 2 gems, 4000 sp.
12) Sentry's Post. Contains an orc- 2, which will alert the Ogres by way of bell.
13) Stairs to Level 3, #92.
14) Lounge. Contains nothing of value.
15) Kitchen. Contains 19 Bandits- 1, 4, 1, 6, 4x11, 2, 3, 5, 6. 3000cp, 200 pp.
16) Servant's Rooms. Nothing of value to be found.
17) Closet. Nothing of value to be found.
18) Storeroom. Contains barrels of red wine and crates of moldy food. The only edible things are the barrels of red wine. Contains 4 umber Hulks- 40, 32, 46, 43. 3000gp, 7 gems, Ring (protection +1), Shield +5, Cloak of Protection (+2), Scroll (3rd-flame arrow, dispel magic, fly, 7th-delayed fireball).
19) Barracks. Each chest contains 2-5 pp.
20) Olymph's Room. This officer has 2-24 pp in chest. Against the eat wall there is a Cloak of Protection (+3), 6 Arrows (+3).
21) Draccor's Room. This officer has 2-24 pp in chest. Figurine of Wondrous Power (onyx dog), 4 Javelins of Lighting, Sword +2 Nine Lives Stealer. On the desk there is a note which reads, "Draccor, There's a little trouble at the mines so be prepared to send a few men down." The paper is old and when it is picked up it will crumble.
22) Soldiers Lounge. Contains 12th level Vampire- 40, knows the following spells: 1st- magic missile, message, jump, light; 2nd- knock, strength, esp, rope trick; 3rd- hold person, infravision, phantasmal force, slow; 4th- fear, dimension door, fumble, ice storm; 5th passwall, magic jar, conjure element, hold monster; 6th- disintegrate. Also in the room: 9000 gp, 1 jewelry, 100 pp. 5 decaying female bodies little the place.
23) Armory. Contains suits of armor (dwarven size), shields (the size of targets for larger size humanoids) and assorted weapons. Against the south wall there is a rack which contains Warhammer (+2), Battle Axe (+3).
24) Stairs to Level 2, #30.
25) Crom the Advisor's Room. In the chest there are clothes, 50 pp, Potion (healing). On the smallest table there is a Wand (magic detection). In the smallest table (in a locked drawer) there is a Tome of Clear Thought. Upon the second largest table lies a Deck of Many Things and upon approaching it a voice will be heard, "Take a seat and pick zero to four cards and see how fate changes. How many cards would you like?". Now have a character identify the cards and tell what can to the other characters if they take a card. After 1 round of pause the voice (an unseen servant) asks again until answered then he asks another character. when asking another character a wooden stick floats up and points at that character.
26) Crom's Workroom. On the table there is a pair of Wings of Flying.
27) Contains all types of books including a Libram of Gainful conjuration, Libram of Silver Magic, Manual of Bodily Health, manual of gainful Exercise, Manual of Golems (each type), Manual of Puissant Skill at Arms, Manual of Quickness of Action, Manual of Stealthy Pilfering, Tome of Leadership and Influence, Tome of Understanding. For each turn searching one book will be found.
28) Recharging Center. Upon entering this room all rechargeable items will be recharged. A heavy beam of light will appear between the charger (which is against the west wall) and the chargee.
29) Museum. Contains animal heads, broken shields & weapons, and other such tings. In the middle of the north wall is an owlbear's head worth 2 gems instead of eyes. Contains 10 Wights- 21, 20, 23x8, 10000 gp, 5000 sp, 2000 ep, 3 gems.
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