August 31, 2012

5E Friday

-Should we trust WotC with 5E? One of the things coming out of WotC is that we should trust them with this latest iteration of D&D, that they are working their hardest to produce the best game possible that will bridge a variety of game play styles.

Some say we should trust them. That they are full of new staff and thus have a new vision and direction., That they have learned from past mistakes and from past successes. That they should not be judged by the past because they (the designers involved) are not the same as those who made the mistakes of the past.

Some say we should never trust them again. They have proven again and again they can not deliver that which they promise. "Fool me once, shame on you - fool me twice, shame on me". They have had plenty of chances to gain our trust and each time they have failed that trust.

I say we should look at them with an attitude in-between the two extremes. Yes, the designers have changed and with it come new ideas and approaches on how to do things at all levels. Yes, they have a proven track record of dropping the ball. Personally, I will be giving them a chance to prove themselves, but without ready and blind acceptance.

Should we trust WotC? No. Should we give them the benefit of the doubt? Yes.
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