August 28, 2012

RPGs and Real Life Politics

There is a saying that you should never mention politics or religion in a social setting. It always leads to heated debates and ill-will. Both are highly personalized things where rarely, if ever, do two people have identical beliefs. That said, have you ever brought up real world politics or religion at the gaming table?

I have been gaming with some of my players for over 20 years and some for only 5 years. I could not tell you what political party any of them is a part of. I could not tell you their stance on abortion or government sanctioned healthcare.

Most of our table talk, outside of the game, runs to video games, movies, books, TV, the recent Olympics and, of course, rpgs. While it has not been discussed, its like we have made an unconscious decision to avoid the topics that could lead to dissension and heated arguments. How is it at your table?


Joseph Bloch said...

Our table side-conversations are wide-ranging, and include politics and religion. Some of us are diametrically opposed on several axes, and so there's a level of good-natured ribbing on that score. But we have more than our share of asides about movies, books, other games, etc. as well.

Paul Thornton said...

All the time, but I'm lucky enough to gave with a bunch of people who are also my friends. We don't agree on a lot of things, but I've seen more vocal arguments over the finer points of rugby league versus rugby union.