August 3, 2012

Dwarven City of the Black Mountains - Level 4 & 5

This is a 5 Level dungeon and former dwarven city. It has over 155 rooms. I'm not sure how long ago it was written but it is for 1E. My dungeon design has come along way since those early days, but the overall design still makes for a good layout of a dwarven city...even if the actual encounters don't work. I think the original design was that a dragon had taken over the city and allowed various denizens to inhabit it as well. I'll be posting the entire dungeon over the course of the week.

Level 4
137) Stairs to level 2, #35.
138) Stairs to Level 5, #145
139 Soldiers Quarters. Contains 3 Umber Hulks- 45, 52, 47, 7 gems, 202 pp, 1 jewelry, Bow +1, Ring (free action), Shield +4, Scroll (protection from lycanthropes).
140) Prisoner's Cells. Empty.
141) A Crazed Orc- 1 is chained to the wall here. He will accept no help, attacking w/teeth. He is beyond help.
142) 2 Giant Trolls- 34, 39, 650 sp, 160 cp, 3 gems, 1500 cp.
143) 4 Galltrits- 2, 2, 2, 2. 2 gems lie in the center of the room. The Galltrits will attack undetectably. Use random chance to determine who they attack.
144) Black Pudding- 44.

Level 5
145) Stairs to level 4, #138. All torches are lit.
146) Receiving bin for the ore chute from Level 3. A 10x10x10 pillar of debris goes up into the ore chute. If the debris is moved more will fall to take its place.
147) The floor is made of stones put together. Each dark spot is an arrow release pad. If stepped on an arrow comes whizzing out doing 1-8 hp damage. If hit by an arrow there is a 35% chance of the person falling and touching off another arrow. Once activated the arrow never misses. It takes about 100 pounds to activate these pads.
148) Spear Pit Trap. If one falls in they receive 2-12 hp damage.
149) The pit is activated by touch. If someone falls in they will sustain 1-8 plus 10-Armor Class. If someone goes down they will notice a button. If the button is pushed the southern wall of pit opens upward and stairs appear (see map). If any are standing where the steps will appear they will fall sown the stairs suffering 1-10 plus 10-AC. Stairs go up where the southern wall opens.
150) Counting Room. Nothing of value.
151) Guard's Room. Contains a Purple Worm- 73, 4000 sp, 1000 ep, 1000 gp, 10 gems, Potion (speed), Sword +4.
152) Ore Smithies. Contains 4 Displacer Beasts- 26, 23, 32, 24, 10000 sp, 2500 gp.
153) Gem Sorter's Room. Contains 6 Ghasts- 8, 7, ,7 ,8 11, 7, 1000 gp, 3 gems, 1 jewelry, Potion (plant control), Potion (delusion), Potion (invulnerability), Potion (fire resistance).
154) Treasure Room. Contains an ancient huge Red Dragon- 88, Pallinstamros. It speaks and does magic. It knows the following spells:
1st- protection from good, ventriloquism; 2nd- scare, knock; 3rd- protection from normal missiles, lightning; 4th- remove curse, wall of ice. She is awake. Also in the room is 68000 cp, 68000 gp, 59 gems, 52 jewelry, 4500 pp, 50000 cp, 20000 sp, Potion (gaseous form), Potion (giant strength), Potion (extra-healing), Scroll (7th- simulacrum), Scroll (1st- nystul's magic aura, shield), Scroll (protection from lycanthropes), scroll (protection from petrification), Scroll (5th- contact other plane, stone shape; 6th- reincarnation, stone to flesh), Scroll (3rd- haste; 4th- plant growth), Shield +4, Sword +3, Morning Star +1, Platemail +1, Scalemail +2, Rug of Smothering, Dagger +4, Ring (protection +1), Ring (feather falling), Axe +5, Wand (magic missiles), Wand (fire), Scimitar +2, Ring (protection+4, +2 saving throws),
Gem of the Mountain- (color spray-3/day; detect invisibility, hypnotic pattern-3/day; light-1/week; charm monster-2/day; charm person-7/week; dispel illusion-2/day, phantasmal killer-1/day; true seeing-1/day; gems decrease in value, hairs turns white, lycanthropy of alignment of possessor. User shrinks 1/4" each time the following are used: meteor swarm-1/day; prismatic spray-1/day; time stop-1/week. All abilities are raised 3 points.) Once touched the gem sticks to the hand. However, things go right through the gem so that the user can still use his hand.
155) This passage leads to a secret opening in the side of the mountain.
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