October 21, 2014

5E Background - Traveller


Some would call you vagrant, vagabond, tramp. drifter, but they just don't understand. You are gripped with wanderlust and enjoy the simply thrill of traveling from place to place, experiencing something new every day. You are most comfortable on the road and staying in one place for too long begins to get on your nerves. This might be a week or a year, but eventually you need to move on.

Skill Proficiencies: Nature, Survival
Languages: Two of your choice.
Equipment: A set of traveler's clothes with sturdy shoes, a walking stick (that can act as a staff), a rucksack with 5 gp

Feature: Home on the Road
You have adapted to always being on the move and not having a home to live in; you make your home wherever you stop for the night. You are able to find shelter, or build it quickly, while traveling. This means you can stay dry and warm outside of urban areas. You can also find food and water for yourself and up to 1d6 other people daily, assuming there is any food and water in the area.

Suggested Characteristics
Being tied down to one place is antithesis to who you are. Being on the move is where you feel the most comfortable. This does mean who are the perpetual stranger and people tend not to trust you, but that is fine since you'll be gone soon anyway. The world is a huge place and you intend to see all of it.
Personality Trait
1. I hum the same tune when nervous or unsure.
2. I can't help letting people know where I've been.
3. I'm not sure when my next meal will be so I am constantly eating something.
4. I have no sense of personal space.
5. I may not tell outright lies, but I will certainly embellish a deed.
6. Whittling is how I spend much of my time.
7. My mustache is a thing of beauty and perfection. Keeping it groomed is time well spent.
8. I make sure to think through a question thoroughly before answering.

1. Change. Anytime something becomes stagnant is the time to change it. (Chaotic)
2. Gain. I try to take as much from an area before moving on. (Evil)
3. Respect. I am only visiting; I should leave things as I found them. (Lawful)
4. Individualism. I won't stop you from doing what you wish, don't try to stop me. (Neutral)
5. Amiable. There is so much for all to see and enjoy in this world. (Any)
6. Nurture. As I make my way through the world, I try to leave it better than I found it. (Good)

1. I have my favorite walking stick which I am never without.
2. The book I carry is a record of every place I've ever been.
3. I will see something no one else has ever witnessed before.
4. I know the location of a hidden vale that if revealed to the rest of the world would cause its destruction.
5. There are tales of a lost city. I will find it one day.
6. I search for my father. All I have is his name, but I know I will find him before I die.

1. I can't bring myself to retrace my steps. I'll take the long way around if that is an option.
2. I am running from someone I have wronged and must stay constantly on the move.
3. I am impatient and brusque with other people which makes me appear surly.
4. I am uncomfortable touching other people and avoid it as much as possible.
5. Personal freedom is more important than anything else.
6. I left behind a spouse and child and it now brings me great shame.

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