January 4, 2012

Another Bushido Adventure

I have been moving some stuff from storage back onto my gaming shelves. Here is an old Bushido, the old FGU RPG, adventure I wrote 20 or so years ago. Honestly I couldn't tell you if the stats are right or anything anymore but here it is anyway. If nothing else it may provide some ideas for someone's adventure , even if it isn't for Bushido.

"The Golden Bird"

Adventure Plot
A curse affects the family of Daimyo Hitachi No-Kami Numin Muetozi. For the past two generations (since his grandfather) whenever the eldest Numin reaches the age of 35 their body begins to deteriorate. This is because his grandfather didn't destroy an ancient jewel which is now hidden in the Golden Bird. Now the Bird is lost and the characters must find it.
However, two other groups want it also. Daimyo Shimosa-No-Kami Awai Noku wants the jewel for his private collection (he is an obsessive collector of gems) and the Muno monastery want it for its magical properties.

Starting the Mission
The Daimyo Hitachi No-Kami Numin Muetozi has called the highest ranked character in his court to him. He simply explains he wants the Golden Bird at any cost. He also explains that, at the moment, he believes a Yakuza gang within the current city, Mito, has the bird and it is going to be transferred that night. The gang is the Scarlet Inu (dog) and he can provide their location in Mito. Also, the last person, before the gang, to have had the Bird was a man named Hino, who lives in the city of Naka-Mura.
Muetozi will give the lead character 10 koku to arrange anything they need and bids the character luck on his mission.

Encounter #1 - Raid on the Scarlet Inu
The characters will be told about a secret way into the Yakuza stronghold and will have no problem getting there. They will be entering a warehouse which is adjacent to the stronghold and end up in a secret alcove which looks into the council room of the stronghold. From here the characters will be able to see the Golden Bird. However, before the characters can do anything a man with a lisp will come in with money, pay off the Yakuza and take the Bird.
As soon as the players start to try and do something a second group will raid the stronghold. Similar to the player characters, they have also entered through the adjacent warehouse. This group is made up of Muno adherents. Their stats are similar to "Rabble" Yakuza (3) and "Extra" Yakuza (5). They will attack the players. Of note is the fact the attackers are all tattooed with star symbols.

Encounter # 2 - Naka-Mura
Eventually the characters should realize they should go to Naka-Mura to get more information (Mito to Naka-Mura is 160 miles or 66 Ri). Check normally for random encounters. When they get there they will meet Hino. Hino will explain the man with the lisp wanted the Bird, but he had already sold it to Daimyo Hitachi-No-Kami Numin Muetozi. That might it was stolen by the Yakuza. Hino believes the man with the lisp works for Daimyo Shimosa-No-Kami Awai Noku, the noted art collector.

Encounter #3 - Bird is Given
One way or another the characters will be able to see Daimyo Awai in the city of Tsu-Chiura (Mito to Tsu-Chiura is 56 miles or 23 Ri). If they ask for an audience, he will readily see them. If they sneak in, he will be waiting for them. Noku Awai is old and inform, but still clear of mind. He will explain he just wanted to hold the Bird once before he died. He will then hand it over to them. The players now have the Golden Bird.

Encounter #4 - Returning the Golden Bird
At midday on the second day of their journey back, the characters will be ambushed by Muno adherents. Their stats are "Rabble" Yakuza (4) and "Extra" Yakuza (6). The characters, when they get back to Mito with the Bird, will be told by Daimyo Numin that the real goal was the jewel hidden in the base of the Bird...and it is gone! Daimyo Awai likely knew about the jewel and kept it since that would have been his real desire. The characters will have to go back to Tsu-Chiura and get the jewel.

Encounter #5 - Jewel is Given
When the characters get to Tsu-Chiura they will find that Daimyo Awai has died. He left the characters the jewel and they will have no problem getting it. The characters now have the jewel.

Encounter #6 - Returning the Jewel
The morning of the second day the characters will again be ambushed by the Muno. This time there will be Yin, Shub, "Rabble" Yakuza (6) and "Extra" Yakuza (9). This is their last ditch plan to capture the jewel. If the characters are entirely subdues the Muno and the jewel will be taken to their Monastery.

End of Mission
When the characters return with the jewel, the first Daimyo Numin will do is destroy it. Thereafter he will explain the curse.

Cast of Characters
Yin: Level 3; AC 3; HP 14; Power 42; Magic 11; Shugenja (Fire). Spells: Darts of Fire (2)-(scroll), Arrows of Fire (2), Fire Blast (scroll), Fireflash, Burning Touch.
Shub: Level 3; AC 3; HP 14; Power 41; Magic 12; Shugenja (Soil). Spells: Dart of Soil (3), Castle of Soil, Soil Sphere (scroll). 

"Rabble" Yakuza: Level 1;AC 1; HP 10; -1 saving throw; ST 10/3 (BAP 10); DF 20/7 (MNA 2); SP 15/5 (BMA 5); HL 15/5; WT: 20/7 (BCS 9); WL 10/3.

Yakuza Bonus Skills: Bojutsu (Bo), Jojutso (Jo), Kiserujutsu (Kiseru).

Yakuza: Level 1; AC 1; HP 1; -2 saving throw; Attack same as "Rabble" Yakuza.
Ordinary Citizens: HP 1; AC 1; -2 saving throw.

Next week I'll post the city maps I did up for Bushido. All of the cities mentioned in this adventure are mapped and will be posted then.

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