January 3, 2012

A Bushido Adventure

I have been moving some stuff from storage back onto my gaming shelves. Here is an old Bushido, the old FGU RPG, adventure I wrote 20 or so years ago. Honestly I couldn't tell you if the stats are right or anything anymore but here it is anyway. If nothing else it may provide some ideas for someone's adventure , even if it isn't for Bushido.

"Nothing is Certain in Life, Except Death and Taxes" 

Adventure Plot
Daimyo Hitachi No-Kami Numin Muetozi is gathering a small group together to check out one of his eastern villages, Anumura. The last two months no taxes have been sent to the capitol at Mito and the Daimyo is concerned. Thus the group is to see what, if anything, has happened to the village and collect the taxes (45 koku).
The village, Anumura, has been overrun by Yakuza and they presently have secret control over the village.

Starting the Mission
The Daimyo will call one of the player characters (the one with the highest rank in his court or the one with the highest status-except Ninja) to him and tell him of the problem concerning Anumura. The Daimyo will assign the character the job and tell him to recruit anyone else (the other player characters) for the mission.
Also the Daimyo will supply up to 3 Rabble Bushi to go along if the lead character so desires. The Daimyo will give 2gp to the lead character to outfit the group. The characters have 1 week to accomplish their goals. En route to Anumura, roll for random encounters normally.

Encounter #1 - Anumura
Even though Anumura is controlled by the Yakuza it will still appear as an ordinary village, except for the large gambling facilities. The characters will be greeted by the village head (Toshi) and his second in command (Naki) who will nervously explain that there were problems with raising the taxes, but by tomorrow morning it will all be ready.  The next morning the characters will be given 50 koku (an extra 5 koku to appease the Daimyo) and the village head will nervously give his assurance that it will not happen again.

Encounter #2 - First Ambush
On the evening of the first day after the characters leave the village of Anumura they will be ambushed. The number of attacking Yakuza will be equal to the number of characters that entered Anumura. They are all Rabble Yakuza, except the leader who is a Level 3 Yakuza. They will do mostly subdual damage.
If they are somehow able to subdue the entire character party they will take the 50 koku and take off. However, in this case one of the characters, before going unconscious, will hear the Level 3 Yakuza being called Naki.
If the characters win the fight and any prisoners are left, Naki will not be among them and to the characters they will nothing more than bandits. Any escaping bandits will head toward Encounter #5 - Cutthroat's Headquarters.

Encounter #3 - Second Ambush
This will only happen if the characters won Encounter #2 (which will normally be the case). This ambush will occur at noon following the day after Encounter #2. This time there will twice as many Yakuza as characters. Along with the Rabble Yakuza there are two Level 2 Yakuza and one Level 3 Yakuza (Naki). The Yakuza will still only be trying to subdue the characters (killing the emissaries of a Daimyo will only bring bad upon them). The goal here is for the Yakuza to win the fight; if the Yakuza are losing send in more Yakuza to help.
During the battle the name Naki will be heard. Eventually the characters will be knocked out. The 50 koku will be gone (plus some of the character's equipment) and the Yakuza will be heading toward Encounter #5 - Cutthroat's Headquarters. If they are tracked half of them will set up an ambush.

Encounter #4 - Second Visit to Anumura
The characters will more than likely return to Anumura because of the clue involving Naki's name. (If they instead return to Mito and the Daimyo empty-handed they will lose On and Status.) Naki will not be at the village, but after interrogating the village head, Toshi, it will be learned that the Yakuza gang has taken control of the village. The location of Encounter #5 - Cutthroat's Headquarters will be given. Midway through the interrogation, Toshi will be attacked by two Rabble Yakuza in an attempt to silence him, Even if they succeed Toshi will still be able to gasp out the location of the Yakuza headquarters.

Encounter #5 - Cutthroat's Headquarters
The gang will not be expecting the characters, unless the yakuza from Encounter #4 somehow escape. This camp is only an outpost for the larger mother gang of black Rat or Black Ne (but that's for another adventure). In the camp is Cutthroat, Naki, "Snake-Eyes", Nighttime", "Bear", 3 Rabble Yakuza and 3 "Extra" Yakuza. There is also 56 koku, 6 sp, 3 semi-precious gems, 1 precious gem, 1 common artwork, 3 goods (+5 quality). If Cutthroat is losing badly he will try to escape using whoever is left to cover his escape. Characters will receive greater On for capturing Cutthroat.

End of Mission
Depending on the mood of the players you should check for random encounters on the trip back to Mito. Characters will receive greater Status for stopping the dreaded outlaw gang.
If you need any more adventures, the Black Ne will more than likely want to exact vengeance on whoever stopped Cutthroat, even more so if Cutthroat escaped.

Cast of Characters
Hudo "Cutthroat": Level 5; AC 3; HP 36; Leader of the Yakuza gang.
Naki "Enforcer": Level 3; AC 3; HP 23; 2nd in command of the Yakuza gang.
"Snake Eyes": Level 2; AC 2; HP 25.
"Nighttime": Level 2; AC 2; HP 22.
"Bear" Sumotori: Level 2; AC 0; HP 11; Dam +1. 

"Rabble" Yakuza: Level 1;AC 1; HP 10; -1 saving throw; ST 10/3 (BAP 10); DF 20/7 (MNA 2); SP 15/5 (BMA 5); HL 15/5; WT: 20/7 (BCS 9); WL 10/3. 

Yakuza Bonus Skills: Bojutsu (Bo), Jojutso (Jo), Kiserujutsu (Kiseru), Shinobi-Jutsu (Stealthy Movement), Sumai, Commerce, Forgery, Gambling, Lockpicking, Massage.

Toshi: AC 1;HP 1; -2 saving throw; Village Head of Anumura.
Yakuza: Level 1; AC 1; HP 1; -2 saving throw; Attack same as "Rabble" Yakuza.

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