January 17, 2012

The Best DM Screen

Through the years there have been a multitude of DM Screens. Here is an attempt to showcase them in order. I suspect some may be out of order or missing completely. (I did not include every screen such as the settign specific ones, like the Eberron one, though I did decide to throw in the Kingdoms of Kalamar one since it is the monster on the bunch.)

Which is your favorite? It could be because it had the best artwork or was the most useful, but which do you like the best?


imredave said...

Actually my favorite is Hammerdogs The Worlds Greatest Screen, four vinyl pocket panels like those plastic notebook covers, so eight slots of what ever you can print on an 8"x11" piece of paper. I also have Fat Dragons .pdf for one with build in dice towers. I have to confess until a couple years ago I used the first one in your collection.
Nothing intimidates the players more than the reaization that the DM screen is older than they are! It was sturdy too, thicker cardboard than the recent editions. However it was developing tears along the hingles so has as been to the same shelf as the "Palace of the Vampire Queen".

Victor Von Dave said...

Let's see, all through high school during the 2e era I used a homemade screen that I cobbled together from the folders that monstrous compendium add-ons were packaged in with taped on photocopies of charts and tables. It served me a long time and I had a lot of love for that thing (like a comfortable, but beat up pair of jeans).
My favorite 'real' screen was the one that came in Dragon magazine for 3.5 - the triptych of adventurers fighting a seriously badass Pit Fiend is one of Wayne Reynolds' best works.