May 4, 2012

5E Friday

-A few weeks ago Rule of Three was asked about crafting. As per usual there was no clear answer other than they would like to include it. Maybe as a theme reward; get the Blacksmith theme and be able to craft blacksmithy stuff. Personally, I would like to see an implementation similar to how most MMOs (oops, I said a dirty word when talking about tabletop rpgs) do it. Usually in an MMO you gather raw materials and then craft something useful-weapons, armor, household furniture, potions, scrolls, vanity items, augments. I am fine with skipping the gathering of raw materials, but I would like to see crafting matter.

Maybe a Blacksmith would be able to create a masterwork weapon, and make this the easiest way to get a masterwork item (sure you could still loot one off a monster but the crafting skill guarantees you get the right weapon, when you want it). And once the crafting of mundane weapons no longer is of value to the PCs, such as when they all have magic weapons looted from the monsters, then allow the Blacksmith to augment these magic weapons with a minor upgrade (such as a +1 to hit) as he adds a keener edge or better balance.

I think crafting skills and mechanics should be included in D&D as it adds another layer by which players can feel important and useful. Just make the crafted items of value.

-With the next wave of playtest hitting the streets on the 24th, I wonder if the NDAs will be lifted. If the volume of playtesters is what WotC has hinted at this will be a large playtest. It will be almost impossible to keep a 100% lid on the NDA. I also think lifting the NDA can only help 5E at this point. There is so much rampant speculation going on that letting people actually see concrete details and discuss the product can only help. Also, at this point, I think the general rpg audience is getting a bit weary of nothing solid coming from WotC.

Of course I think there will be two significant questions once 5E hits the public world...
Is it fun?
Is it D&D?

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