May 22, 2012

Quick Tip - Easy and Free Music for the Game

There have been numerous blog posts about the importance of music during a game. It can set a tone or mood for the play session. One easy way to set up a theme based musical night is to tap into the resources of Pandora. For those who are unaware of it, Pandora is an internet radio station. The cool thing about it is that you can set up Stations that play the same type of music.

For instance, I like the grand, epic orchestral music with a modern beat to it. One band along that line is Epica and by creating a Station based off of Epica it plays songs from that band, but also from similar bands in style. Thus it will randomly choose and play music along that theme.

Want something lighter, such as some Celtic or string music for background music? Simply start a new Station with the name of a band or song that falls within your desired style. This also works excellently for more modern campaigns, where you can tap into some Rave or similar music for a Vampire game. The best part is that all you do is start the Station and Pandora will continue to pick and play the right (mostly) music.

Ok, the best part is really that it is all for free. While there are pay options that will remove the commercials (one about every 5 songs) and allow for other perks, the free version works very well as background music for a night of role-play.

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