May 30, 2012

Silver Gryphon Games Are Good Guys

This past Friday I was looking at my Drivethrurpg wish list and they were having a "wish list sale". Since the sale was going to end soon (it's already ended) I went ahead and did an order. One of those items was for the print version of Zombacalypse for Savage Worlds by Silver Gryphon Games. Since it was a print version it was not part of the sale but I figured I'd get it anyway.

That afternoon I got an email from Kevin Rohan of Silver Gryphon Games. He was letting me know that they were running a Memorial Day Weekend Sale and that I had overpaid by 20%. Since the item had been on my wishlist it missed the sale they were having. He then hooked me up so I got the difference back. The thing is he and his company did not have to do that. They could have just let the transaction go through and "missed" the mistake. But they didn't. Heck, it wasn't even a mistake and they didn't have to do such a thing at all. But they did.

So, Silver Gryphon Games, thanks for standing out from the crowd! And I look forward to reading Zombacalypse.
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