May 9, 2012

Zenobia's Monastery

Today we conclude the series of my old maps with one for a high level cleric in my AD&D game from long ago. This could be used as a temple the players need to visit...or assault if the cleric in charge is of an evil persuasion.

Zenobia's Monastery 

Zenobia's Followers

160 Level-0 Clerical
AC:10 HP:4 


8 Heavy Cavalry HP:8
Platemail & Shield AC:2
Mace Dam:1d6
Lance Dam:2d4+1
Broadsword Dam:2d4

10 Medium Cavalry HP:8
Chainmail & Shield AC:4
Flail Dam:1d4+1
Lance Dam:1d6+1
Shortsword Dam:1d6

18 Light Cavalry HP:8
Studded Leather & Shield AC:6
Light Crossbow Dam:1d4
Pick Dam:1d6 

11 Heavy Infantry HP:10
Splintmail AC:4
Battle Axe Dam:1d8
Longsword Dam:1d8 

19 Heavy Infantry HP:10
Chainmail AC:5
Halberd Dam:1d10
Handaxe Dam:1d6 

12 Heavy Infantry HP:9
Ringmail AC:7
Heavy Crossbow Dam:1d4+1
Shortsword Dam:1d6 

42 Light Infantry HP:6
Padded & Shield AC:8
Spear Dam:1d6
Club Dam:1d6
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