September 28, 2013

30 Day D&D - A character you will never play again

I do not have a specific character I played and didn't like. Rather I have a style of play I do not like and will avoid as much as possible, so it amounts to much the same thing.

I do not like player vs player (pvp) D&D. To me D&D is a cooperative game where you want to hang out with your friends overcoming challenges. PvP is the opposite of that concept. Whatever benefits that pvp may bring to a game (fear of the unexpected, great storylines) is not worth the damage to the game (derailment of plot/story, hurt feelings, not being to trust your fellow players). It's just not worth it. PvP is all about having fun at the expense of your fellow gamers. It removes the shared aspect of gaming. It is not for me.

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