September 6, 2013

30 Day D&D - Favorite Diety

Cat Lord

I'm not sure he is exactly a deity but he certainly seemed that way to me. And that is the way I ran him in my D&D world. I usually run deities as hands-off, "don't-interact-with-the-world" beings, but in this case he came and had a "chat" with one the player characters in the campaign I was running.

One of my players was a
rather clever man. He was always coming up with ingenious ways to avoid the traps I set up. One of his favorites was the day he bought a bag full of cats before the group entered the dungeon. Every time they suspected there was a trap door, he would throw a cat over the floor first. Whenever they came to an electrified floor that the group would have to figure out how to cross safely, he would toss cats onto the tiles until they discovered the safe way across. He went through a lot of cats.

I didn't like the way he was easily circumventing my clever traps, so I sent the Cat Lord to "chat" with him. Basically the Cat Lord said to lay off using the cats as trap detectors. He got the message because he stopped buying cats.

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