September 20, 2013

30 Day D&D - Favorite Monster (Humanoid/Natural/Fey)

When I saw this one my mind immediately went to Fey. I find most humanoids and natural creatures fairly boring. After all, they are too akin to what we see everyday and D&D is about the exciting and fantastical. Sure orcs are not something we see everyday in real life, but then again, they are common in most fantasy settings. From there most humanoids are nothing but a variation on a theme. Drow are evil elves (and done to death as well), Aarakocra are flying people, Derro are dwarf variants, Merfolk are fish-people, etc. So my mind went to the Fey. From there I chose the Dryad.

Thus far my Favorite Monsters have been those that I like to use against the players. The Dryad is the "monster" that I would like to meet as a character. And this all stems from boyhood fantasies. As a young boy, as with most young males, there is the dream of meeting the girl who wants you. The first time I read about the D&D Dryad, I instantly zeroed in on the fact they are beautiful and then to the fact they like to charm males to live with them. Sounded like a win-win to me. Since then they have been my favorite fey.

(For the record, Githyanki almost came in first but puberty won out.)

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