September 8, 2013

30 Day D&D - Favorite Character You Have Played

Brie Wildways, a druid whose highest stat was his Wisdom at 10...and an Intelligence of 6. I believe it was 1E (AD&D).

I was part of a campaign being run at the local university. As such there were about 12 people playing one night a week. I rolled abysmally on the stats and druid was the only class available to me. I did a character straight from the books, unlike the player with the Githyanki or the Dwarf Vampire.

I played Brie as a very simple person, caring about nature and animals. With my stats so horrible I had to come up with inventive (and challenging) ways to be the brains of the group. There were many times when I (the player) would know the solution to a problem, but there was no plausible way my character could have come up with the answers.

One example is when we were trying to cross a long room with a magical fumes that made it impossible to breathe while crossing the area. I quickly figured out that the solution was that the walls were made of a substance that we could put over our mouths that would allow us to breathe safely. However, there was no way with my Intelligence that Brie would make that connection. Thus I started picking at the wall "in boredom" causing flakes to fall to the ground until someone else noticed. Once someone noticed the flakes, I "accidentally" spilled some water on them making a paste. It was then that one of the other players had the brilliant plan to take the flakes from the wall, turn them into a paste, put the mixture on a cloth and hold the cloth over our mouths as we traversed the dangerous area.
There were many times when I had to "accidentally" find a solution.

There were many other cool scenes with Brie, like when he jumped into the mouth of a dragon with an acorn that could turn something to stone...and the dragon failed its save. Or when the Githyanki in the party (the player was a power-gamer jerk who liked to show his power by being abusive over the other characters/players) decided he didn't like me and started killing trees. He knew there was no way I could beat him in a fight; Brie was a very pathetic character. However, there was no way I could let his actions pass no matter the consequences. It was nice when the majority of the rest of the party sided with me and attacked the Githyanki, driving him off. The other player didn't come back after that.

It was a fun challenge to play someone with such pathetic stats. However, despite the fun I had, it was my experience with Brie Wildways that makes me prefer to run more balanced systems. I feel it's better for a group, especially if there is player-vs-player conflict.

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