June 29, 2011

Farstead: A Campaign Letter

This is a letter I gave to my players on the first day of play, the day we generated characters. It is a general overview of the campaign; ie what to expect as to style. It also provides some very basic background information; ie things their characters would know going in.

Farstead Campaign

Welcome to the Farstead campaign! This will be a 4th Edition D&D game.

You are all from Arkha. Arkha is a progressive kingdom covering a wide swath of land on the continent of Epeiros. There is a diversity of races and customs within the kingdom. Two years ago a new continent was discovered, Kainon. There was an initial settlement named Kingston, but when the second set of boats arrived the settlement was abandoned and the settlers missing. The new batch of settlers moved a bit to the north and founded Farstead. Arkha wants to see the settlement grow and the new continent explored. They have put forth a call looking for more settlers and for adventurers to explore the new land. You are some of those adventurers seeking to make a name for themselves in a new world.

The campaign will be run sandbox style. There will be a complete new world to explore and lots of places to venture into, but not all will be tuned to your level. Where you go and what you do are completely up to you. It is very conceivable that some or all of you will die during your adventures. If this happens you will roll up new characters (assuming it is impossible to raise them from the dead) at the start of the level of the lowest character level still surviving.

All races and classes are available (see attached race/class list).
Abilities will be done with Method 2 (page 17).

The attached list of races and classes basically listed all those available and a very brief description. Players usually have a concept in mind before they sit down to make characters and rather than hand them a pile of books and say 'go' a brief description can help narrow their search. Here is the list I gave the players. It only had the races and classes up through PH2:

Striker = Single target DPS, usually melee
Defender = Tank
Controller = AoE DPS, usually ranged
Leader = Healer/Buffer

Warlock-Striker/Controller-magic-make pacts for power

Avenger-Striker/Controller-divine melee
Barbarian-Striker/Defender-martial-rage user
Druid-Controller/Striker-nature-change into beast forms
Invoker-Controller/Striker-divine ranged
Shaman-Leader/Striker-nature-get a spirit pet
Sorcerer-Striker/Controller-wild magic
Warden-Defender/Striker-nature-change into spirit forms

Runepriest-Leader/Defender-divine-enter rune states

Swordmage-Defender/Controller-magic and swords together

Soul Siphon-Striker/Controller-magic-DoTs (a new class I designed)

Hybrid-Combine two classes
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