June 3, 2011

My Desires for New 4E Books

What new subject matter (books) would I like WotC to release for 4E? This is all personally subjective but I think following in the general philosophy of WotC releases (provide content that can be used by both the GMs and the players to reach a broader audience) these ideas would have sales power. They also would provide me with some things I could personally use.

Equipment Book- I don’t mean another Adventurer’s Vault full of magic items, we have enough of those already. I mean make it full of all the equipment the players want for their characters; such things as chalk, pitons, shovels, varieties of rope, alternate clothing (dress vs. adventuring), ninja claws for climbing walls, oils for sheaths, hammers, etc. To make the book stellar include a variety of mounts, animal companions and hirelings, as well as an expanded rule set for strongholds. Bascially, all the non-magical stuff an adventurer could ever want.

Character Theme Book- I really like the new character themes (as seen in the Dragon Magazine). I would like to see a book full of a bunch of new ones. This area has potential for significant growth, much the same as the old Prestige Classes added uniqueness. They are ways to customize a character without throwing balance out the window-though they are still a power creep.

Class Book- I know some people don’t like having too many options as it can add confusion and redundancy, but personally I believe in more options. I believe there is still room for interesting classes for 4E. Same applies for races (especially monster races).

Skill Challenge Book- I will admit that I do not like skill challenges. One thing that might help is a book full of skill challenges for a wide variety of possible encounters. This could include examples for such things as wilderness travel (or any form of extended travel), diplomacy, closing or opening portals, stealth missions, battles, etc. Jam the book with all types of skill challenges. The goal would be to provide something a DM can reach for when an impromptu skill challenge comes up or as a base for creating their own challenges (something requiring nothing more than altering some DC numbers). However, this is a niche item that would only appeal to GMs.

Monster Book- More monsters. I have always liked more monsters. Be sure to include an appendix that provides guidelines for making monsters from previous Monster Manuals (MM1 & 2) compatible to the more “modern” monster power levels. yes, I know Monster Vault: Threats to the Nentir Vale is coming out this year, but I want moar!

Feywild Setting- I am looking forward to the Shadowfell Box set. It appears to both function as a setting book (a place wherein you can run a campaign) or as a supplemental setting (a resource for adding bits of the setting into your own setting). I would like to see something similar for the Feywild. Maybe have Glamour cards instead of Gloom cards. With them releasing Heroes of the Feywild I can only hope they will follow it up with a Feywild setting. Maybe they are waiting to see how the Shadowfell set sells.

Domain Rules- This would be something along the lines of the Domain rule set for Birthright but independent of a setting; something you could insert into any campaign. In light of much discussion of late of the under-supported Epic Tier play, Domain rules could be used in the Epic Tier to enhance that level of play. Instead of adventuring in a world made up of Points of Light, the characters can themselves create and rule over their own Points of Light; they could become the movers and shakers of the campaign.

If you also like 4E, what would you like WotC to put out for 4E?
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