June 30, 2011

Farstead: An Adventurer's Charter

This is the adventuring charter that I gave the players on the day of character generation. The group will be acting as an Adventurers Group; ie professional adventurers. While I thought the idea of a charter for them to see and sign could be fun, it also will give the players a sense of bonding and reinforce the concept that this is a group instead of a band of individuals.

Official Charter of Membership

Be it known that on this day the Adventurers Group known as

is hereby established as a fully recognized Adventurers Group in accordance of Arkhan Law. As such it is entitled to privileges as set forth by Arkhan Ordinance as listed below.

A. Right to bear arms in a public place.
B. Right to wear armor in a public place.
C. Right to practice magic in a public place.
D. Abstention from special tariffs and taxes associated with Salvage of Forgotten, lost or otherwise unclaimed goods.

In order to maintain said privileges associated with this Charter this Organization must comply with the following stipulations.

A. A fee of 100 Gold pieces must be paid each year to the office of the Registrar at the local city.
    1. This fee must be paid before the 1 year anniversary of the organizations founding.
    2. If this fee is not paid in the time allotted then a 10 GP fine will be levied for each week of tardiness.
    3. If an entire year passes without payment of fees owed the contract/charter is canceled and all outstanding fees owed may be garnished.
    4. If no funds are available the city may petition a local magistrate for Justice.
B. The local magistrate may call upon the members of the Adventurers Group for purposes of civil defense as deemed warranted.
C. Any time the membership, constitution, or by-laws are changed a copy of those changes must be forwarded to the office of the Registrar at the nearest city.

Member Signatures

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