June 20, 2011

Wanted: 1

This week I will be putting up some "wanted" posters (a couple per day). These are designed to be inspirations for any D&D campaign. These work really well in open settings; characters can come across these and they can be catalysts for a night's adventure. They are designed to allow a DM to tailor the poster to his campaign while still providing enough information to be useful. I will be providing a couple of ideas of how to use the poster in case a DM is stuck for an idea on the fly. However, I heartily suggest tailoring a poster's meaning to your own campaign.

It should be fairly easy to print these out. You can simply take the picture and print it; this might eat up alot of colored ink. You can also snag the picture and then play with it; turn it black and white to remove the colors. One suggestion is to print on colored paper if you still want it to have some color; colored paper is alot cheaper than color ink.

After this week I'll be running one of these for a bunch of weeks on Mondays. This will last until I run out of ideas or enthusiasm. When it is all done there should be a bunch of posters a DM can use in his campaign.

-This is pretty straightforward. A bad guy needs to be taken down. He is wearing a symbol so may be part of a larger group.
-The party gets word of his whereabouts. Unfortunately, there is also a gathering in the same area by a group of devout clerics who shave their heads. Finding their target in such a grouping can present its own difficulties.

-This is a way for characters to feel killing all those orcs and trolls has some benefit other than the coins they drop. This is one time being an adventurer is useful. The author of the poster may be a local sage looking to augment his library of information. He may also hire the party to gather more information on other topics, such as gnolls or cyclops; something the party has not fought before but would now have reason to go looking for.
-The author of the poster may be looking to wage war against a tribe of goblinoids (kidnapped daughter or  revenge as a motivator) and is looking for information before he commits to action. In fact, this poster may be a test to see who truly has fought goblins before he recruits them into his personal war.
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