June 20, 2014

5E Friday

Looking at the release of the new version of D&D still (the miniatures this time)...

-The miniatures were mostly overlooked even though they were part of the official release packet. All I can say is "ouch". $5 per figure with a minimum buy of 4. Even on the secondary market these will never be cheap. I certainly hope WotC didn't price this out of everyone's price range.

-Blind boosters? Why? I can see if there was some sort of collectable game with this, but there isn't. The only function these minis will serve is to enhance the rpg. Why make them a blind buy other than as a money grab. When I use minis at the table I want specific ones. This blind buy method means I will have to buy many, many booster packs to get the right ones for my table. Is it worth it? I doubt it. They are killing my incentive to buy any at all. And as noted above, I won't be able to buy specific minis on the secondary market for a reasonable price either. If I have an encounter with 10 skeletons, I'm looking at $50...for 1 encounter.

-Maybe they are expecting the minis to not sell and are charging so much anticipating low sales. Low volume, high price. Or maybe I am completely out of touch with the current mini pricing methodology.

-The lack of discussion on the minis may be an indication that no else is interested in them.

-I am glad I have enough minis already. I suspect I will take a pass on these (though I may get the Starter minis if they aren't too Forgotten Realms-centric).

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