June 6, 2014

5E Friday

Still mulling the D&D release info on the next version (notice how I didn't call it an edition) of D&D, specifically the announced adventures...

-It seems to me that the two adventure set (Hoard of the Dragon Queen and The Rise of Tiamat) are almost essential to playing this new version of D&D. With the MM (monsters) and DMG (magic items) coming out after the adventures and at least a month after the PH, the only way to understand monsters and magic items is to see them in the adventures. Are the release adventures "core products"...at least until the later MM and DMG release?

-Why ever did WotC go to an outsider for the writing of their release adventures? I know they have some excellent adventure writers of their own; they could have easily have done them in-house. Instead they opted to pay an outsider extra money to write them. I suspect by tapping Kobold Design they are trying to accomplish a couple of things...
Show that they are willing to work with outside companies. Could this be a sign of a robust OGL..or a way to fool us into thinking there will be one? I fear this could end up similar to Numenera's licensing; very stringent and not friendly at all. 
Piggybacking on the good name of Kobold Press. Kobold Press has done a good job of establishing themselves as a neutral game company of high quality. If they are willing to work with WotC on the newest version of D&D, then everyone else should as well...right?

-I like that the adventures are a two-adventure series. Most of the early adopters of the new D&D will finish the adventures shortly after the DMG is released where upon they will start creating their own settings/adventures or buying the ones WotC releases thereafter. The timing is good as it doesn't require a long term commitment to playing the starting adventures. A group can play the two and then decide if they like the newest version of D&D by then.
-In case there was any doubt, WotC is latching onto Forgotten Realms again and making it their flagship setting. The initial release adventures are set firmly in the Forgotten Realms.
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