June 27, 2014

5E Friday

The OGL. I have been saying for some time that the newest version of D&D requires a robust OGL, one very similar to the one that came with 3E. Having such an OGL will put 5E at the forefront of the rpg industry; major companies and well-known designers will get on board, promoting 5E because they are promoting themselves at the same time.

-No news on an OGL until next year.  Was it done to make WotC the only place to get 5E material for at least a few months? Was this done because they still haven't made a decision and want to see how 5E is going to sell before they make an OGL? Why wouldn't they release the information on the OGL now if they have their plans in place already with the stipualtion that the OGL does not go into affect until next year?

-I suspect the OGL will be weak. In their un-announcement on the OGL they kept mentioning maintaining quality. Sounds to me like they will be cutting the small companies and individual designers out of the OGL. Sounds like they do not want a repeat of the wild days of the 3E OGL when good and bad was released for D&D. However, putting the OGL out of reach of everyone will drive people away, killing interest in 5E.

-WotC has actually done a good job so far repairing faith in D&D and themselves as a company (free Basic D&D!) but a weak OGL could kill any momentum they have built as designers go back to making their own systems/games instead of supporting 5E...or choosing to support Pathfinder again.

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