June 3, 2014

Your D&D Is Dead!

One of the responses from the announcement of the newest version of D&D was how it is not like "original" or "early" D&D. The cover art is not the same as 1E...the rules are not the same as 2E...it is missing something crucial from 3E...the font is too different...the layout is not right...the X is not the same as edition Y...

Well, I have some news for you, a reality check. No new version of D&D will EVER be the same as the one you started playing with, the one that created so many memories, the one you love. EVER.
No retroclone, no heartbreaker, nothing.

If you want that early version, go find a copy somewhere and go play that! Because that is the only way you will ever be able to play that game again.

Stop trying to make something into what it is not.

Stop trying to make a new game the same as an old game, play one or the other.
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