June 13, 2014

5E Friday

First a generalized look at the response to 5E and then a few questions on Morningstar (the digital tool kit for 5E).

There seem to be two types of responses to the announcements of the next version of D&D...
-Those who dislike WotC (or dislike any version of D&D other than the one they were brought up on) and are looking for any reason to bash it.
"Let's see what we can find wrong with it."
-Those who are curious about the newest D&D and are waiting to see what it brings.
"Let's see what these new rules are all about."

-Will it be able to handle new rule sets? When WotC releases the "4E rule set" or rather, rules to simulate 4E in 5E, will the software allow for character generation using it. Same for such things from 3E as Feats. They did mention that as new material is released for D&D they will update the software. I hope this means integration of alternate rules.
It's one thing to say that character sheets are customizable and another to allow for character advancement with the software.

-One of the biggest problems with the 4E digital tools was the inability to integrate 3rd party products. Near the end of 4E and its digital initiative I would say that inability was the biggest reason why players stopped using it. Also, that lack of digital support drove many 3pp to move away from 4E. I suspect if Morningstar doesn't allow for 3pp it will die quickly.

-Morningstar? Why did they name it after a 3E world setting? I know its only the "codename" of the digital tools but at this point everyone knows it as Morningstar and calling it something else later will only be confusing.
Bad choice of name.

-The 4E digital tools included Dragon/Dungeon articles as part of a package deal. Is Morningstar its own thing and then WotC will put out another digital package of new content similar to Dragon magazine? Do we need to subscribe to multiple digital products now?

-I'll be waiting on this one. I certainly doubt I will get it until I actually start running a 5E game...and even then I will need some more convincing it will be of true use.

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