September 21, 2011

Superorganization: Aphotic Accord

The Aphotic Accord

This is an evil organization whose goal is control from behind the scenes. Their normal methodology is to gain control over individuals through a variety of means; bribery, blackmail, threats, impersonations.

The Accord is broken into several different branches. Each has control over certain areas and methodology.

Ebon- Logistics
Dusk- Violence
Obsidian- Science
Onyx- Money
Raven- Face/Leadership
Stygian- Occult
Sable- Seduction


Victor Von Dave said...

Cool. I imagine they would operate much like the 'three families' who were the bad guys in the most recent Torchwood series.

Callin said...

I haven't fleshed out them out too much yet, but I definitely see them as a mysterious group. They can be behind a lot of different things without ever being seen.