September 7, 2011

Supervillain: Faris


Faris is a member of the Jihad, an Islamic mercenary group. He is known for his martial prowess, particularly his speed and precision. He primarily uses a short spear as his weapon of choice. He has built a blue light into the head of the spear in an attempt to mislead his opponents into thinking the spear is the source of his powers. After his enemies direct their attacks on the spear he falls back to his daggers or hands to inflict the same damage.

Faris likes to dart in and out of combat. If he is fighting another melee opponent he likes to move into melee and then move out after, so they have to expend a move action to get to him. If he is engaged with a ranged attacker he prefers to stay close for possible opportunity attacks. However, if he can attack a ranged and then move out of line of sight he will do so.


seaofstarsrpg said...

Superheroics is a very visual medium but I have no idea what this guy looks like apart from a glowing spear. So, what does his costume look like?

Does he have a catch phrase?

Callin said...

You are right on the visual aspect. Here is a disconnect between what is in my head (I can see him) and what I write up in my notes. I think for now I will leave the description alone and let the reader create their own visualization. (Yes, this is sort of a cop-out.)

As for a catch phrase, I tend to run my superheroics more "real" ie 'what would real people do?'. Thus I almost never use catch phrases. Likewise I tend to see superheroes and supervillains without flashy costumes.

I will agree that this NPC could be more fleshed out, but for me, he is mostly only there as an adversary. I do have some upcoming supervillains with more motivation beyond simply being a combat NPC coming up. (Of course some motivation could be extracted from the write-up on the Jihad itself.)