September 8, 2011

Supervillain: Sha'ir


Sha’ir can summon jinn to do his bidding. The jinn he can most easily summon is his Gen, a small imp. During combat Sha’ir spends his time controlling and giving orders to his Gen and allows his Gen to provide support for the rest of his group. Sha’ir can summon other, more powerful, jinn but ever since he summoned Ifrit he has been loathe to try it again. Perhaps once he has gained some more experience he will resume his conjurations.

Sha’ir is a member of the Jihad. Part of him is not happy with the mercenary aspect of the group, but he understands why it exists and can accept it, even if it does not bring him happiness.

Sha’ir considers the summoning and release of Ifrit as one of his biggest failures. He is willing to work with people he normally would be opposed to if they can aid him in ridding the world of Ifrit.

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