September 8, 2011

Supervillain: Mamluk


Mamluk is a member of the Islamic mercenary company, Jihad. He has several tattoos on his body that is the source of his powers. Mamluk was raised in the Islamic faith but drifted away when he was young. He eventually took part in much sin and debauchery, including the sin of having tattoos applied to his body. When his powers manifested he took this as a sign from God that his sins were catching up to him. He soon thereafter renewed his faith and his previous life of sin has led him to be very hard-line now.

There are some fundamentalists who say that while keeping tattoos is acceptable within the Islamic faith as they are forgiven their sins upon becoming a Muslim, there are some who say that Mamluk is continuing to sin by using the tattoos. For now, Mamluk ignores them.

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