September 6, 2011

Supervillain: Set


Whether it was an instinctual calling, an ancient plan, residual reincarnate knowledge or pure luck when Seth O’Malley picked up the Was Staff of Set and was transformed into the superbeing known as Set is unknown. Whether or not he is the actual Set from millennia ago or some crazed person with powers is unknown, but his power levels are high. For all intent and purposes he is Set and some say that if he has the powers of a god then he is a god.

Set works as a mastermind with the usual goals of domination. He has managed to gather a world-wide cult, the Cult of the Jackal, to do his bidding. Set is able to control his Cult in two manners. For the more intelligent and able followers he rewards them with power; for the rest he takes their mind and turns them into enthralled minions.

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