September 13, 2011

Supervillain: Gestalt


Gestalt is an amalgam creature born during the last days of WWII. Majdanek was a concentration camp in Poland. Estimates figure over 70,000 people were killed here during the war. The spirits of many of those killed would not go on, lingering over the horror that was the extermination camp. In June of 1944 the Soviets were moving rapidly toward the camp and the Germans were forced to flee. One officer, Sturmbannf├╝hrer (Major) Karl Weiss refused to leave, as he felt this impinged his honor, and took his own life as the Soviets came within sight of the camp.

The death of Karl Weiss, along with the thousands of angry spirits, created the being known as Gestalt.

Gestalt is now driven by fierce anger and revenge. It lashes out at all living things. At times personalities will overcome the others and actively pursue a plan, though these times are rare and often interrupted as other personalities hold sway at different times. It is during these times of faint lucidity that Gestalt becomes truly dangerous.

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