September 7, 2011

Superorganization: Jihad


Jihad is an organization of Islamic fundamentalists with superpowers bent on disrupting the control of the satanic forces of the West. Or at least that is what they try to portray themselves as. In reality they are a bunch of mercenaries. While they are willing to take on Islamic causes, they only do so for money.

So far they have not been willing to fully engage the West and its superheroes. In truth it is because they see no profit in it, though that may change if they are paid enough. Word is spreading that they fear the Western superheroes and there may come a time soon where they will need to run some attacks against the West or be unable to find any work at all.

Current membership includes:

Faris- Martial warrior with speed and precision.
Mamluk- Wears tattoos that give him specialized powers.
Sha’ir- Support that uses his Gen to aid other team members. Summoner of jinn, but he has not done so since he summoned Ifrit to his and the world’s detriment.
Shaitan- Demon. Brute.
Jahar- Bedazzles and confuses the enemy.
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