September 9, 2011

Supervillain: Shaitan


Shaitan is an overlooked sin of the Jihad. To the outside world Shaitan is a human who can assume the form of his enemies to better destroy them, but the Islamic organization Jihad knows that Shaitan is a demon and a creature of sin. However, they value his power too much, so for now, they are willing to turn a blind eye to his origin and some of his more wicked acts. For now they control Shaitan through the Crimson Eye, an artifact to which Shaitan’s soul is bound.

Shaitan himself is seeking to sow as much discord and despair throughout the world and feels the Jihad will allow him to do just that. He knows there are rules for working within the Jihad organization and he is willing to follow them mostly. However, he is also constantly looking for ways to push those boundaries without upsetting them too much, as they have the power to send him back to Hell. If he could find a way to break their hold over him, he would do so in a second and make his own way through the world.

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