September 15, 2011

Superorganization: FBI:PB


This is a branch of the United States FBI, specifically the Powers Branch (yes, it is called the Peanut Butter division by some). It was set up expressly to deal with national crimes involving those with powers. This includes crimes committed by those with powers as well as crimes against those with powers. To help augment their non-powers they have been given several ROC Suits (Rigid Offensive Combatants).

• Executive Assistant Director Gerald Horowitz- Oversees the branch.
• Associate Executive Assistant Director Edward Rupert- Assistant to the Executive Assistant Director.
• Countermeasures Division Officer Sam Simmons- In charge of tactics and deployment against those with powers.
• Materials Officer Madge Swift- In charge of the ROC Suits and other “gadgets”.
• Genetic Materials Officer Hugh Wright- In charge of power studies; this includes cataloging power types and those that use them.

ROC Suit
These are Rigid Offensive Combatants or combat armor. They are in use throughout the United States police forces, including the FBI. There are a few sprinkled throughout some other US government branches, most notably the military and CIA. They are very expensive to make otherwise there would be even more in use.

For now their primary use is in dealing with those with powers. They are issued in Mark versions, with the Mark I being the first to be produced as a non-prototype model with successive Marks being released thereafter. There are some rumors starting to spread of newer designs that are more militarily oriented, some that focus on stealth and some that can be operated either by remote control or through a sophisticated software program.

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