September 27, 2011

Supervillain: Marid


Marid is a jinn recently summoned by Sha’ir, a member of the mercenary group known as Jihad. Marid managed to break free and gain his freedom. He is relatively weak currently, but as time goes on he will quickly become more powerful. (His stats below are for right after he was summoned. He will in a very short period of time rise in level, eventually slowing down once he reaches 25-28th level.) Eventually he will become a major villain. Marid is an Elite, but he is able to create water elemental creatures to assist him (choose approapriate level water elemental monsters) and they act as supplemental forces. He should be considered a Solo encounter.

Marid is a natural enemy of Ifrit. Once they realize they are on the same world they will constantly be drawn to fight each other, both physically and through proxies. Their conflict will be a source of many potential adventures.

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