September 28, 2011

Supervillain: Ifrit


Ifrit was summoned from his home plane to our world by Sha’ir, a summoner of Jinn. Ifrit proved far too powerful for him and easily broke his bonds. Since then Ifrit has made his way through the world, doing much as he pleased. Eventually he ran afoul of some of the more powerful heroes of this world and was beaten in a straight-up fight.

Since then, Ifrit has taken a new approach. He has become a criminal mastermind who leads forces of crime. While he still enjoys the occasional act of “getting his hands dirty”, he lets others take the fall while he continues to reap the benefits.

His goals at this point appear to be nothing but the accumulation of wealth, though with his new found power of organization, he may soon take his interests in new directions, such as control of other organizations and politcal groups.

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