April 3, 2013

Shop: Custom Shop

This shop only builds custom, one-of-a-kind items, and once built they will never build that same item again. Due to the fact most items take a long time to complete, since they are created from scratch with no original design, and because they make so few of them, the prices of the items are exorbitant. However, the shop continues to make money as the noble elite consider their products to be a symbol of prestige and they do actually make some highly useful items. The creation  of truly useful items assumes the original concept is one wherein the desire is to create something of use instead of a form of art. The Custom Shop does not create items based on their own desires, they only do work to their customer's requests.

In a side lot to the shop building is a small area where they keep those jobs that were never picked up or paid for. This tends to happen fairly frequently as the customers realize that the cost of the project is not worth what they are getting or because the project took longer to complete than expected. The area is open to the public as both a sort of museum and examples of the shop's work.

Kerr Irren
The owner of Custom Shop is a tall, very thin man. He is thin due to the fact that once he is working on a project everything else is forgotten, like eating. Unfortunately this led to his wife leaving him 10 years ago. Some say he hardly even noticed, but he did and it affected him more than he thought it would. Since then he only has his work and thus he throws himself into it full-force.

Dent Irren
Kerr's son he is more like his father than he wishes. He blames his father for his mother leaving, but then he made a choice at the time to stay with his father because he wanted to stay for the work. He is more outgoing than his father, but his conversations tend to be tedious to most other people. While he can start a conversation just fine, soon a stray comment will find a connection to one of the shop's ongoing projects and he will be inspired. At this point he loses his audience.

Ira Sann
She is the only non-family member to work at the Custom Shop, all the others have quit over the years. However, she loves working here as it stimulates her mind and keeps her engaged. Of course, Dent is cute too, so that helps.

Adventure Ideas
-Custom Shop had a break-in. Someone made off with some Light Enhancing Compound, a box of powders that when added to a flame makes it brighter. It appears the thieves were looking for that item specifically as they bypassed other items and only took the box. Kerr is worried that the item could be dangerous if too much is used at once; an explosion is possible. Then culprits are a group of fringe insurrectionists out to topple the current government. They indeed plan on using the Light Enhancing Compound to create a great explosion beneath the government meeting hall at the next group assembly.
-Dent has disappeared. Kerr is worried he was kidnapped because of their current project, the Light Enhancing Lens System. This device of mirrors and glass is designed to shine a light around at specific locations; development has determined it is possible for this light to be focused to a point whereof fire can be induced. It is possible another foreign government or nefarious merchant may want the plans for themselves. Ira is also sufficiently worried. In reality, Dent has snuck off with a woman.

List of Unique Items
1)      The world's smallest statue of a unicorn. Also included is a device of mirrors and glass that allows a person to actually see the unicorn statue; the device is the size of an horse.
2)      A lavish bed where upon the press of a button, one side of the bed lifts up dumping the sleeper out of the bed and onto the floor.
3)      A wine rack with additional panels around the bottle area that can be filled with ice, thus keeping the wine chilled.
4)      This stove is made to burn dung and comes equipped with a series of fans that uses the heat from the stove and steam to turn and drive any potential offensive smells away.
5)      This set of  panels are connected together with hinges, springs and rope. At the push of a button the panels spring out and form a wall 10' long and 7' high. Pushing the button again contracts the wall down to a 2' x 7' panel.
6)      A door handle that extends through the door. On the side that goes inside the home, there is a large series of wires and metal strips.  Attached to all of this is another crank handle. Turning this handle for at least five minutes causes the door handle to gain a small lightning charge for two hours. Anyone touching the door handle will get a slight charge, not enough to cause damage but enough to surprise them, which is expected to scare any intruders off.
7)      An entire floor that rotates when a lever is pulled.
8)      Artificial plants that bloom with brilliant red and white petals twice a day and require no watering.

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