April 10, 2013

Shop: Ice House

The winters are cold, but the summers are hot. The Ice House provides ice for those summer months. During the winter months the owner, Rudi Sahl, cuts large blocks of ice from the nearby river and hauls them back to his shop and its extensive cellar. The ice stays cold and the Ice House sells the ice throughout the warmer months. Taverns and the wealthy both partake of his services which includes delivering the ice to them as needed. The shop does a fair business but Rudi is in no danger of becoming rich anytime soon.

Rudi Sahl
The owner of Ice House is dead and has been for the past two years. Two years ago a clan of doppelgangers masquerading as merchants were discovered in a con they were attempting to pull on the local government. They were all killed except for one of them who managed to kill Rudi Sahl and took over his form in time to evade the hunt. And that is where things went weird.

The doppelganger figured the best way to avoid the hunt was to play out Rudi’s life. As time went on the creature found out he liked Rudi’s life. Rudi had respect within the community and seemed to be well liked. The Ice House provided a service to the city and it was fulfilling. Rudi and his business were not rich, but they also did not want for anything. The doppelganger liked being Rudi Sahl. So much in fact, it decided to stay being Rudi Sahl for the foreseeable future.

The new Rudi seldom shapeshifts anymore; only occasionally going to a heavy fur form when working long hours in the ice cellar. He has gone out of his way to stay integrated with the community; he is even seeing someone, Isa Prill. He strives very diligently to be an upstanding citizen and has left behind his days of thievery and murder.

Adventure Ideas
-The local Assassin’s Guild has come to Rudi Sahl and Ice House with an offer he can not refuse. They want to be able to store some dead bodies in his cellars “to keep them fresh”. Why they would want to do this Rudi does not know, but he is desperate to not let this happen as it might destroy his current life. He goes to the characters looking for their aid.
-While expanding the storage rooms for ice in his cellars, Rudi accidentally broke through into a cavern. Strange noises are heard coming from within. He is looking for some adventurers to explore the cavern and whatever else it might lead to in there.
List of Monsters Capable of Shapeshifting
This list is an attempt to include all of the monsters that have a natural form of shape shifting into a human. It does not include those who can do it through an ability to cast spells.
Al-Jahar (Dazzle)
Ogre Mage

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