April 15, 2013

Shop: Magic Lamps for Every Occasion

This shop sells all sorts of lighting needs, with a specialty in magic items that produce light. They carry lanterns, oil, torches, candles, candle holders and lamps in all sorts of variety. Their magic light sources tend to be nothing more than a permanent , or long lasting, light spell cast on a unique fixture. However, it is expensive to have these spells cast and thus their products are themselves expensive. The shop has exhausted much of the market for such high priced items within the town and is looking for a means to bring their wares to other towns. If they don't find a way to expand soon it is possible they may go out of business as even the need for regular lamps is not high.

The shop is run by Ephol Bein, a man who seems to truly enjoy his work. He has a library's worth of knowledge on magic light and people have directed those with questions on the topic to him in the past. He is more than willing to talk for hours on the topic. His most reliable helper is Aliza Turner, a beautiful young girl who attracts potential customers by her presence alone.

Ephol Bein
When he was a child, Ephol, was a read a story about a genie in a magic lamp. He was enthralled by the legend. The story seeped into his mind and would not leave. Since then he has been looking for a magic lamp of his own. He is now an old man of 62, tall but stooped. He still seeks a lamp but fears he is not long for this world and worries he will  die unfulfilled.

Aliza Turner
She adores the old man Ephol and enjoys working at the shop. She is a natural beauty, but doesn't seem to know it. Many of the customers of the shop are only there to see her. Thus far she has been oblivious to the flirting she is on the receiving end of. She's not sure what she'll do if Ephol were to die.

Adventure Ideas
-Ephol has finally managed to get a solid lead on where to find a magic lantern. Unfortunately it requires a sojourn into the Elemental Plane of Fire, within the Citadel of Ash. For that he will need a group of adventurers to brave the Plane and its inhabitants.
-Ephol has finally found a magic lamp and released the genie therein. Unfortunately he lost control of the genie and it is now running amuck. He seeks out the characters and wishes to hire them to put it back in the lamp before someone kills it.
-Ephol has finally found a magic lamp and wished to be young again. Unfortunately, the genie maliciously turned him into an infant. Aliza approaches the characters and asks them to somehow reverse the wish. Even worse the genie gained his freedom and was last seen heading west.

List of Magic Lamps


1)      Raises and lowers the brightness of the lamp at a command word.

2)      The flame is not hot and does not burn.

3)      Uses water as a fuel source.

4)      Lights up and turns out the flame at a command word.

5)      Sucks all other flames within 10' into it once a day.

6)      Will explode doing damage, but the lamp is ruined.

7)      Detects all flames within 100'.

8)      Allows the bearer to see invisible things.

9)      Gives the bearer increased resistance to fire.

10)   The flame shines in a variety of random colors.
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