April 19, 2013

Shop: Quick Messenger Services

This shop will pick up and deliver a package or letter anywhere, and they will do it in as fast as possible. They tend to focus on singular packages over bulk freight, but they are willing to move even that, though with a much slower delivery time. In a way, they are a precursor for a primitive mail service. Most of their business is moving a package from one part of the city to another for those who are too busy to do it themselves. Thus, most of their customers are people who have more money than time and it is the wealthy that predominately make use of their services. The owner, Vin Ennio, has done an excellent job making his business the go-to place for those who want a package delivered quickly and cheaply.

However, there is more to the business than at first appears. Vin Ennio has instructed his carriers to open all packages, make a note of what lies within and then to seal it back up before it is delivered to its final destination. Vin collects this data and makes note of them all. From this he can keep his finger on the pulse of the city. He knows what social engagements are upcoming and who will be attending (which he sells to the local Thieves’ Guild). He knows what commodities are in surplus and which are in demand (which he sells to a couple of local merchants). Occasionally, a letter will even contain information that can be used for blackmail, illicit love letters are the most common, as it seems beyond some people that anyone would betray their trust.

Vin Ennio
Vin is an expert with keeping track of details. This has allowed him to create routes of travel that speed up a process as well as allow for the collection and distribution of packages to be done as efficiently as possible. It also allows him to keep track of all the data that his business collects and to use that information to leverage more money. This attention to detail is readily apparent in almost everything he does. He dresses sharply and nothing is out of place. When in a conversation, he listens intently to both what is said and what is not said, and when he talks he does so after weighing each word in his reply to best convey precisely what he means to.

Adventure Ideas
-One of the packages Quick Messenger Services was hired to deliver was lost enroute after the carrier was attacked in an ambush. They need to get it back and quickly so they are willing to hire some adventurers to help recover it. Soon it is revealed that the letter contained information on some underworld dealings that could incriminate certain nobility. Only this information was all a falsehood to sow dissent and chaos into the city; the delivery of the letter was leaked so it would be stolen.
-One of the letters Vin Ennio has a copy of is nothing but a series of symbols and gibberish. He knows it is some sort of code but has been unable to translate it. All the scribes and mages he knows are either too honest to do it or would want too large a cut of the profits to make it worthwhile. Thus, he is looking to trick a group of adventurers into either translating it or tracking down more information. He poses as a secret guard member whose job it is to ferret out underground groups. He claims he came across the letter in his investigations and is looking for help.

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