April 13, 2013

Shop: Luck Hall

5 years ago Albe Muse was a man who couldn't catch a break. He had lost his job as a tanner and no one was hiring. His wife, Marri, left him and took their son, Benn, with her. He was tossed out of his home when he couldn't pay the rent. He lost 20 pounds from lack of food and he was lean to begin with. Then his luck changed inexplicably when he found an opal the size of his fist. He was able to sell it for a considerable sum after which he did the usual of buying a new home and going on a spending spree. It didn’t take long to spend most of the money, but he was wise enough to stop before it was all gone. It was also then that he felt a desire, almost a need, to give back to the unlucky ones in the world.

Luck Hall is a rest and soup house for those who have fallen on bad luck. A person can eat a meal and/or sleep on a cot here. Due to costs involved and to make sure only the truly indigent partake of his generosity, he limits the number of visits a person can make to twice a week. The Hall is here to help, not to be a free handout for leeches.

Albe Muse has a remarkable resource at his fingertips that he is not even aware of. The homeless wander the streets of the city and see much of what goes on. They like to gossip about it as well, telling stories of what they have seen. Albe is the recipient of the majority of these stories. Albe listens to them talk but really doesn’t pay much heed. However, if he did, he would know much of went on in the city. No one has yet organized this wellspring of knowledge, but if they did, almost nothing would be hidden.

Albe Muse
Albe is middle-aged and getting soft around the middle as well. He always has a positive outlook on life and a smile on his face. He feels compelled to aid “those down on their luck”, as he likes to say. Deep down he fears that this is a form of karma and a way to stave off any bad luck coming his way. He never wants to go back to those days immediately after he had lost his job.

Adventure Ideas
-The opal Albe found is a focal point that allows demons to enter the material plane. One such demon had already entered our realm when the opal was lost. It has been searching for the opal ever since, as it wishes to use the stone in a ritual that would open a permanent gate to the nether regions and allow a horde of demons to swarm over the world. The demon is getting close to Albe now.
-Someone is killing the homeless in a string of murders. The murders are gruesome; it appears as if they were tortured before they were killed. One of them witnessed the murder of a politician; though he was too addled at the time to realize exactly what he had seen. However, the murderer wants to clean up loose ends and is looking for the witness, who he knows is one of the homeless of Luck Hall.

List of People Found in Luck Hall
1)      Ezra – He is the only person who can break the rules of Luck Hall. People give him a deference unexpected of someone who plainly looks like the typical street bum. He speaks little but when he does people listen.
2)      Jamie – He is an older man who is always smiling, even when he is enduring pain. He has a pathological need to always be happy, or at least appear that way. He also agrees with everything everyone says, often repeating things.
3)      Jenne – She is younger, though not vey healthy looking. She goes off on political rants about how this official or that noble is harming the city. Her rants are often confusing and non-sensible, especially when the target of her latest diatribe has been dead for some years.
4)      Mama Leone – Mama is everyone’s friend. She seems to know where everyone of them is and, if not, she can find a regular of Luck Hall within a couple of hours.
5)      Ned – They say he was once an adventurer, a cleric, but fell on hard times when the rest of his adventuring party was killed. He was the only survivor and it haunts him to this day. Or so the stories go.
6)      Preacher – This older gentleman is a man of god. Everyday he gives open air sermons to anyone that will listen. Every day he lectures on the virtues, or failings, of a different god. Even when he talks about the same god, he mixes up whether he is for or against the god.
7)      Renne – She is an older woman, thin and brittle now. She lost her husband, Adam, over 10 years ago and has been looking for him ever since. She now wanders the streets calling out his name loudly or between tears.
8)      Slow Eed – Eed is indeed slow of mind, but he is likable. His stamina has held up thus far and he does odd jobs for some of the regulars, usually for free or whatever hand out they can give him.
9)      Spider – He is not really an indigent. He hangs around on the streets and Luck Hall as a procurer of items. Someone tells him what they want and he will get it, usually in return for whatever the person can afford to give over.
10)   Trina – No one really knows much about Trina; she appears at the Luck Hall and then completely disappears when not there. In reality, she is a wealthy debutante and visits Luck Hall for the excitement it induces and to see what it’s like in the other (not wealthy) quarters.
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