April 9, 2013

Shop: Hall Tailoring

This one man shop is owned and run by Jon Hall. He came into town about 10 years ago and quickly made a name for himself and his shop. He is able to do excellent work in half the time anyone else can do. Since then Hall Tailoring has become the go-to establishment for those needing any tailoring done but especially for those who need it done “right now”. Hall Tailoring is able to create any type of tailoring job from the simple adventuring garb to the clothing required for elite social occasions.

The truth of how the shop can produce so much well-done product so fast in because Jon Hall is not one man. In fact, Hall Tailoring is run by two twin brothers, Jonas and Jonus Hall. Since their youthful days they have used the fact they are twins to their advangatage. When young they would play practical jokes on people. As they got older they discovered that being able to be in two places at one time was useful. They purposely moved to this town to start their tailoring business and deliberately created the character of Jon. They never are in the same place at the same time. They have leveraged this to allow them to “miraculously” create and fix clothing.

They then took their “twin trick” to a new level. Each of them is also an accomplished thief.  They make a point of making sure one of them is highly visible while the other is out robbing a house. They see themselves as professional thieves and that resorting to violence is a sign that something has gone horribly wrong.

Jonas Hall
He is tall and thin, with piercing blue eyes. When it is his turn to be visible he likes to hit a local tavern as far from the target house and tries to be as loud as possible by telling stories and jokes to the point where no one could forget him. When it is his turn to rob a house he prefers modest homes when no one is there and he almost always enters through the door.

Jonus Hall
Looking exactly the same as his brother, Jonus does not smile as much as Jonas. When he is to be the visible one he usually hits a tavern and gets as loud and drunk as possible; he can be a mean drunk. When robbing houses he prefers to enter through a second story window. Of the two, Jonus is the one more likely to resort to violence if he feels there is a need.

Adventure Ideas
-There have been a string of robberies of late and the local Thieves’ Guild is not happy about it. First, it is bringing too much heat on them. Second, the thefts are being committed by non-members and that is strictly not allowed. The Guild has run into an impasse on finding out who the perpetrator is. They call in the characters, especially if they have some type of hold on one of the player characters or they have access to something the players want.
-A rival tailor, Bren Skinner, believes Hall Tailoring must have some sort of magic item that helps them in their tasks. He wants it for himself, or at the very least destroyed. He looks up the characters and seeks to hire them to do this deed.

List of Types of Fabric
This list is good for adding descriptive text to a treasure that includes textiles. Note that there are over 250 different types of fabric and this is only a small sampling.
Angora                 Silk-like fabric made from wool of angora goats.
Armure                                Twilled woolen or silk fabric
Broadcloth          Dense twilled wool or worsted fabric
Brocade               Rich silk fabric with raised patterns
Burlap                   Coarse plain-woven jute or hemp fabric
Cashmere           Soft twilled fabric made of fine goat's wool
Cheviot                                Coarse heavy plain or twilled wool or worsted
Damask                                Fine lustrous fabric with flat patterns and a satin weave
Flannel                 Light woolen fabric
Gambroon          Twilled worsted and cloth
Grenadine          Thin silk
Harn                      Coarse linen
Madras                 Fine plain-woven cotton or silk
Moleskin             Heavy durable cotton
Muslin                  Plain-woven fine cotton
Platilla                  Fine white linen
Russet                  Coarse homespun cloth
Samite                  Rich and heavy silk, sometimes interwoven with gold or silver
Satin                      Closely woven silk with lustrous face
Shoddy                 Woolen fabric made from rags
Tweed                  Rough twilled wool
Twill                      Any diagonally woven fabric
Velour                  Piled velvety cotton
Velvet                  Soft piled fabric of silk or cotton
Woolsey              Cotton and wool blend
Worsted              Fine closely-woven wool

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