April 23, 2013

Shop: Two Forge Blacksmith

A couple of years ago there were rumors of a potential war. Scoll Blackwell, a local blacksmith, spent a considerable sum of money to expand his smithy in anticipation of increased demand. The war never came about and Scoll nearly went bankrupt. Since then he has limped along with his blacksmith business and should be out of debt in a few more years, assuming he can continue getting the small jobs and he actually reinvests the money he makes as opposed to spending it on new plans.

Due to his misfortunes Scoll is more than willing to rent out the second forge/anvil to anyone looking to use it. Adventurers tend to want to do their own blacksmithing so they are a favorite customer. He is also willing to consider “selling” the second set-up and taking on a partner.

Scoll Blackwell
Scoll is the stereotypical big man; he has to be from working the smithy all day. He is also loud, boisterous and has a wonderful belly laugh. He is an optimistic person. Unfortunately, this optimism is also his downfall. Scoll is forever chasing after the latest harebrain scheme and plan to make lots of money. One week it’s buying a map to some lost treasure and the next he will invest in a new breed of chickens said to lay bigger eggs than normal. His enthusiasm for these sorts of projects means he tends to focus on those with the highest risk factor and those peddled by con-men because they purport to have the highest chance of return on investment. ew is also farily loud and boisterousH

Adventure Ideas
-It was bound to happen. Scoll bought a map to a lost treasure and he is looking for adventurers to do the actual dungeon delving to get the treasure. Of course with Scoll's luck the map leads to something unpleasant. It could be a complete fake or it could lead to a dungeon filled with deadly traps and a monster at the end that is using the map to bring adventurers to it so it can eat them.
-Apparently Scoll's impulsiveness and bad luck is caused by a cursed heirloom. The pendant has been in the family for generations, but was cursed long ago by a vengeful witch. Scoll hires the characters to find the ancient gravesite of the witch, deal with any creatures inhabitating the area, dig up her corpse and put her to rest; only then will the curse be removed. Of course, this could all be another of Scoll's harebrain ideas. Either way the characters will get paid...or take part ownership in the blacksmith.

List of Blacksmith Items
Note that many of these listed items have sub items. When stocking a blacksmith there will be many items within when you include all the variations.
Anvil (Used as block to pound other objects on.)
Anvil Tools (Assortment of components for an anvil; Horn, Hardy Cone, Bickerns, Devils, Fuller, Bending Fork, OC Mushroom, OC Drawing, Leaf Swage, Bowl, Large Radius, Cone, Crown, V Swage.)
Bellows (Blower. Forces air into the forge.)
Chisel (Hot Slit, Cold, Chasing Set, Narrow, Pointed.)
Coal (or Wood.)
Flatter (Hammer with a broad, flat head used to flatten and smooth surfaces.)
Forge (Hearth used to heat metal.)
Fuller (Tool with a triangle head used to flatten metal.)
Hammer (Comes in a variety of types; Rounding, Dinging, Polishing, Raising/Chasing, Doming, Grooving, Straight Peen, Opposite, Scythe, Embossing, Bossing.)
Hand Punch Set (A form of chisel.)
Mandrel (Narrow metal cone used to bend a pipe.)
Nail Header (Tool with a square hole in the head used to make nails.)
Pliers (Scrolling, Flat, Flared.)
Slack Tub (Large barrel of water to cool the metal.)
Scrolling Wrench (Wrench like tool used to twist the metal.)
Tongs (Used to move the workpiece. It comes in a variety of types; Wolf Jaw, Universal, V-Bit, Blade, Scrolling, Ring, Pickup, Box, Knee, Rivet, Farrier.)
Twisting Wrench (Long piece of metal with a square hole in the center used to twist a bar of metal.)

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