April 17, 2013

Shop: Olsen’s General Store

This store does not sell anything exotic; they specialize in the mundane. They carry backpacks, blankets, lanterns, lamp oil, rope, tents, hammers, nails, saws, etc. They have an excellent selection of most adventuring needs; weapons and armor they leave to other shops. They also have the lowest prices in town, beating out all the competition. This is because they will literally beat up the competition. If any other shop attempts to sell an item that Olsen’s General Store carries, Pa Olsen will pay a visit and inform the shop that they must charge at least twice as much as Olsen’s General Store. If the shop owner does not accede to the demand, Pa Olsen will come back around with a large number of his extended family and give a message to desist from competing with them. This message consists of a beating for the proprietor and damage to their shop and goods. The majority of other shops in town know this and now go out of their way to avoid directly competing with the Olsens.

The Olsen's have opened a second Olsen's General Store on the other side of the town; it is run by Aund Olsen, brother to Pa Olsen. It is doing well, so well that the family is considering opening a third store in a nearby town.

Thed Olsen
Also known as Pa, he is the patriarch of the Olsen family and owner of Olsen’s General Store. He is getting on in years, but even at the age of 62 he still runs the business with an iron fist. Some say he is even sterner now as he gets older as he sees the store as his legacy to his family.

Mia Olsen
Called Ma by some of the family, she is devoted to the family and her husband Thed. She wishes he would spend less time at the store at his age, but understands his drive. Like her husband, her family comes before anyone else.

Aund Olsen
Thed's younger brother. He has long chafed under the yoke of his older brother but has endured it for the past 40 years. Finally he was given his own store and it has prospered. While he has always supported the family, since he has begun running his own store, he is even more loyal to the family and it's business dynasty.

Adventure Ideas
-A group of merchants have grown tired of the Olsen's business practices. They hire the characters to protect them. Then one of them purposefully starts selling an item that the Olsen's General Store carries at a cheaper price. After some initial physical confrontations, Thed Olsen takes another route of attack and starts paying town officials to make his store the official and only authorized store allowed to carry the item. How will the character react?
-The players run afoul Olsen's General Store when they go to sell some of their recent dungeon acquisitions. It seems as though one of the items is carried by the General Store and the Olsen family is taking exception to the player's attempting to sell the items at a fair price.
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