April 4, 2013

Shop: Destiny Paper

Destiny Paper makes a brisk business selling specialized sheets of paper to magicians and the government. Paper is a fairly rare and costly item but Raal Tra'na, the proprietor, has found a ready market. The majority of the paper he sells is normal, though even plain paper is still expensive, but he also has discovered methods for creating unique forms of paper. While the shop itself only sells from this storefront, there are some enterprising merchants who have taken to reselling the specialized paper in other cities. The shop also sells some used, older books on the side. This is not a focus for the shop, usually selling no more than 10 books at a time, though occasionally there will be a rare book of true value in the mix.

Raal Tra'na
He is an older gentleman who carries himself with a full measure of dignity at all times. While he is a magician of some skill, he does not make public displays of his skill. Part of the reason for this is because he has focused his magical learning into information gathering spells and avoided combative, and showy, spells. He has had a life-long love of books and writings. This love translated into a studious youth, which led to becoming a magician. Since then he has continued to look to expand his knowledge, searching for extraordinary manuscripts. In fact, most of his wealth goes into acquiring old rare books. If the characters had one for sale he would definitely be interested in purchasing such a tome. However, he does not stockpile them and after reading them he will put them up for sale in his shop.

Adventure Ideas
-Someone, the traveling merchant Red Beckert, has sold Raal Tra'na a fake rare book. The book is a complete forgery containing nothing of value. Raal paid a very good price for the book and he does not like being taken advantage of. However, he is not the sort to leave his shop, so he is looking to hire some adventures to get his money back or at the very least to beat some sense into Red Beckert. After all, Raal can't have people selling him fake books and thinking they can get away with it or else everyone will start to do it, and no one should be allowed to commit that sort of abuse to real information.
-Unknown to Raal Tra'na, he has been selling some of his special paper to The Strange, a guild of assassins. They have been using his paper as part of their system of message transfers (hit assignments, reconnaissance reports, etc) but the local authorities have been putting pressure on them so they have gone to ground. This means they have been making severe efforts to cover their tracks and Raal is on their list of loose ends that need to be closed...permanently. They have already made one failed attempt on his life and Raal's spells have confirmed his life is in danger. Unfortunately his spells have not revealed who is after him. Thus he is looking to hire some adventurers to find out who is trying to end his life.

List of Unique Paper
Here follow some paper crafted with magic that gives them unique properties. purchasing one of these usually costs double the normal price of paper for the are the player characters are in.
1)      Paper combusts upon command. This is not enough to start a fire on its own.
2)      Paper shrinks down to a quarter of its size upon a command word. This lasts until the command word is given again.
3)      Anything written on the paper is automatically invisible except to the writer.
4)      The paper is immune to fire and water.
5)      Upon a command word, the paper will fold itself into a specific origami shape.
6)      When placed on top of a similar piece of paper the two will bond together along the left edge. More pages can be added and eventually a book will form without need for binding.
7)      Following a command word, the next words spoken by the person will be written on the paper. This will continue until the paper is full of words or the command word is given again.
8)      Upon a command word, the edge of the paper becomes rigid and razor sharp.
9)      Everything written on the paper shrinks to half its size. By touching the letters, the words will briefly (1 minute) grow back to their original written size.
10)   A person folds the paper into an aerodynamic form. The person then speaks the name of a specific person they have met before and throws the paper into the air. The paper then seeks out the target person.
11)   The paper folds itself in half upon a command word and will not open until the command word is spoken again.
12)   This sheet of paper comes with a piece of cloth. When the cloth is wiped over the paper, anything written on it is removed with the paper remaining intact.

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