April 20, 2013

Shop: Revel’s School for the Gifted

The purpose for this specialized school is two-fold. The first, and most important one, is to find those children with a potential for spellcasting and to help them control it. The second is to provide understanding of how magic works, its history, its dangers and its uses for those who are not magically inclined but may some day be in need of magic. This targets future city leaders, generals, law enforcement and similar people who, while unable to use magic themselves, will have spellcasters at their disposal. The school is relatively small, only about 10 faculty and 50 students at any given time. It is supplemental to other schooling programs; it is extra schooling above and beyond the regular learning programs these children participate in. It is also for the elite and wealthy of the city, though children found to have spellcasting ability, no matter their social level, are always invited to join. In fact, it’s compulsory.

There is a divide among the students that is readily apparent. There are the non-spellcasters who are the future leaders of the city. They tend to look down upon the spellcasters for a number of reasons: being “weird” due to their spellcasting manifestations and general interest in “non-real” things, being poor as many spellcasters are not of a high social standing and only in the school for their spellcasting ability, being “weak” as the spellcasters tend to focus on studies of the mind over the body and the usual distrust on something different. The spellcasters tend to look down on the non-spellcasters for their arrogance and bullying, their “lack of intelligence” and because they do not have “the gift”. Most times this divide manifests in simple avoidance, but occasionally switches into violence.

The school is run by Sasha Prime, a 15 year veteran and direct successor to the founder of the school, Marr Revel. She runs the school tightly with a definite focus on learning. Along with Sasha, the majority of the staff is spellcasters themselves, with a few teachers specifically non-magical to provide a balanced outlook. Despite a definite attempt to things balanced, there is a strong sense that the teachers favor the spellcasters over the non-spellcasting students.

Sasha Prime
Sasha takes her work very serious. She is a firm believer that spellcasters are the shapers of society and this school can help guide them forward. In fact, she is part of a darker side to the school. Within the world there exists a group called the Cabal of Thought, a group dedicated to the elevation of spellcasters to leadership of nations. After all, who better to lead than the smartest? To this end much of the curriculum sends out a subtle message of the superiority of magic-users. At graduation time Sasha provides the Cabal with a list of names of those students that are strong spell-users and likely to agree with the Cabal’s doctrines. In effect, the school is a recruitment center for the Cabal of Thought.

Adventure Ideas
-While it is rare, there can be some relationships that can develop between a non-spellcaster and a spellcaster student. They need to persevere through constant peer pressure to remain a couple. Wil Salvo and Nika Bell is one such couple. However, they have now gone missing. The school wants the characters to find them and bring them back. Has the couple eloped? Has a secret club within the school caused them harm for breaking the unspoken rules? Have the two stumbled upon the Cabal of Thought?
-Sasha Prime approaches the characters hoping they can find one of her students. Merrill Sorli is one of her most outstanding students; both of high social standing and a highly skilled spell-user. There have been a number of attacks that led to deaths within the city that were caused by magic. Sasha suspects that the tell-tale signs of the attacks will implicate Merrill’s style of spellcasting and she wishes the characters to discretely investigate. In fact, Merrill is the culprit after he found an ancient tome in the school’s library that held more power than at first suspected. The Fragmentation of Luminosity has provided Merrill more magical power, but also corrupted him. He is far more powerful now than suspected and the characters will have a serious fight on their hands once they expose him.

List of Teachers in a School for Magic
Jon Clavell – Cantrips: What are they and extraordinary uses for them.
Coe Spark – Fire: Your friend.
Fadden West – Warmagic: What it can and can not do.
Te – Bleak Magic: Its uses and dangers.
Hill Gee – Divination: How to know before they know you know.
Candle Cooper – Crafting: Items and Artifacts.
Robyn Cniel – Conjuration: Summoning made easy.
Lelly Slate – Illusions: Not is all it appears to be and how to exploit that.
Skip Conroy – Protection: Magic to save anyone.

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