April 6, 2013

Shop: Fast Animal Training

Felix Minnas has a way with animals. He is renowned throughout the area as the premier animal trainer. He can train any animal a wide variety of tricks in half the time is takes other trainers to do. Even better is that he charges regular prices for doing so. He is also capable of training more exotic animals, such as bears and wolves, along with a select number of monsters - those of lower animal level intellect. He has quite a few lucrative contracts as he supplies many of the wealthy with guard dogs and the authorities with attack dogs and a trained rust monster.

A pet project of Felix is the training of rats. He has been able to train several of them many different types of tricks. He views them as his children and of all his animals they are the ones he is closest to. He has expanded their training; he has begun using them to steal gems and jewelry from wealthy homes in town.

Felix Minnas
Felix is young for all his skill at only 22 years of age. For someone who spends so much time with animals he is actually very outgoing with his fellow human beings. He likes a good laugh and can tell funny stories when out socializing. Right now he is very smitten with a tavern wench, Becca Rimer, and it is for her that he has begun stealing.

Becca Rimer
With her long blond hair and freckles, Becca is seen as a beauty by some. She is also a better flirt. She keeps a string of paramours on line at her place of employment as a tavern wench at the Strange Brew Tavern. She does so this with the express purpose of using them to con gifts from them. Of late, one of them , Felix, has been giving her very expensive gifts. She suspects he is somehow behind the recent spate of thefts in town but is more than willing to keep the gifts and hopes he continues. Soon she will be able to skip town a wealthy woman, without Felix of course.

Adventure Ideas
-A rash of thefts has been taking place and there seems to be no way for a person to have perpetuated them. The authorities think it must the work of some ethereal beings, but why would ghosts steal jewelry? Around the same time Felix Minnas has lost his prize rat, Redtail. He hires the adventurers to recover Redtail. Will the characters make a connection between a highly trained rat and the thefts?
-Felix has fallen under suspicion for a number of thefts from a number of wealthy homes. It seems the guard dogs were nullified during the thefts and they were all trained by Fast Animal Training. The authorities are wondering if Felix trained them to allow him or someone he knows to pass unmolested. Felix is innocent of this and is looking for someone to investigate on his behalf. Especially since he would like the authorities to leave before they  discover his other activities and because he would actually like to rob the places with his rats after the real culprit is caught. In reality, a werewolf has been conducting the robberies to pay a  person for a cure to his lycanthropy (unfortunately the person with the "cure" is a charlatan) and the werewolf is capable of controlling the dogs long enough to get in and out quietly.

List of Exotic Pets
1)      Axe Beak
2)      Badger
3)      Bear
4)      Beaver, Giant
5)      Boar
6)      Cheetah
7)      Eagle
8)      Hawk
9)      Hyena
10)   Leopard
11)   Lion
12)   Monkey
13)   Owl
14)   Rat
15)   Raven
16)   Snake
17)   Tiger
18)   Weasel
19)   Wolf
20)   Wolverine

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